About Us

Decision Drivers is a premiere, client service based, market research company located in Bergen County, NJ.

We specialize in providing clients with a venue to conduct focus groups on consumer products, advertising, and concept testing. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with all their market research needs including, facility services, field management, screener creation and moderation. No request is too big when it comes to your research.

Decision Drivers is an owner-operated facility, which ensures quality every step of the way. Our goal is to put our experience and customer service skills to work to satisfy your research needs.



Chris Driver grew up in a market research family assisting his mother, an independent moderator. After graduating from the University of Delaware, he started his career in the financial arena while assisting several independent moderators with field management. Chris joined a Westchester Focus Group facility as their Facility Director in 2002.

In 2008, Chris, along with his partner, Jodi Lechner Jackman, opened Decision Drivers. Since that time, Decision Drivers has expanded to a 7000 square foot state-of-the-art facility. In addition to the day-to-day operations at Decision Drivers, Chris also works closely with each client to ensure their project is successful from start to finish. Chris is responsible for all aspects of technology, financial management, and business development.


Jodi graduated from Syracuse University with a dual major in Marketing and Psychology. She broke into the industry at a New York City Focus Group facility in 1999. Throughout her 9 year tenure there, she formed new client relations and played an intricate role in establishing the New York City location as a multi-million dollar facility. In 2007, Jodi launched her own field management company where she assisted several moderators and research companies with their multi-market projects. She has continued this side of the business here at Decision Drivers.

For Jodi, it’s not only about getting clients in the door, it’s about forming lasting relationships. Jodi wants clients to feel like they are at home with friends, not a guest in a stranger’s house. She looks forward to furthering the friendships she has made throughout the years and building new ones in the years to come.